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OUR History

We’ve been growing brands since 1977.

The Early Years

Replacement Glass of America

RGA Enterprises, Inc. was founded in 1977 by Ed Barker as Replacement Glass of America, a Charlotte-based company focused on replacing automotive glass windshields.

In 1983, RGA founders expanded services and began producing automotive cleaners; the full line of products soon included exterior paint sealants, glass and fabric cleaners, and interior vinyl and leather protectors. A handful of employees and family members in a small 15,000-sq-ft building batched, filled, decorated and hand packed the products for distribution.
Introducing Magic Power Brand
By the early 1990s, with the automotive products business thriving, the Barker family sought to add a line of household cleaning products to the mix. The Magic Power® brand was born and was initially sold through local hardware stores. With the onset of the massive growth of dollar stores in the U.S., RGA seized upon the opportunity for Magic Power’s mass distribution as a value household cleaning products brand.
Contract Manufacturing Begins
As a result of Magic Power’s substantial growth, RGA sold the automotive brand to focus on adding more high-speed, low-viscosity production lines to keep up with the dollar store demand for household cleaning products. With this expanded capacity came the opportunity to contract manufacture for other brands, including national brands as well as store brands.
Growth Phase

Partnering with national brands and retailers, the company grew and expanded production to meet the high demand for household cleaning products, moving into a 60,000-sq-ft facility. During this time period, RGA developed relationships with some of the nation’s top retail chains and national brands, establishing many of the customers with whom we still do business today.

Present Day

New Ownership
After decades of success, the former owners decided it was time to step aside and sought a buyer for their company. Through relationships developed as a chemical supplier, Will Fidler and his father Bill acquired the majority interest in RGA Enterprises, Inc. in 2016. Today, Will serves as the President and CEO of the company.
Accelerated Growth
RGA’s leadership quickly charted plans for bold growth while working collaboratively to create an environment where employees thrive. RGA increased production capacity to answer the high demand for household cleaning products by moving into a 185,000-sq-ft. manufacturing facility in Charlotte, NC, and acquiring a filling facility in Blue Springs, MO. While bridging the old with the new, RGA expanded its capabilities, qualifications, and expertise into much of what you see today. This includes secondary packaging, improved quality standards, ERP technology, chemical blending and testing capabilities, employee engagement, co-packing, maintenance and engineering, and much more.
Meeting the Current Demand
In response to unprecedented market demand, more recent innovations include adding three additional filling lines with state-of-the-art filling equipment. In 2020, RGA consolidated the Blue Springs, MO facility into its Charlotte, NC operations and added an additional warehouse space of 41,475 sq. ft. in Charlotte. This allowed RGA to store additional raw materials used in the manufacturing process, cleared space for finished products, and expanded manufacturing processes at the main facility.
Carolina Pure Spaces

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, RGA’s ownership launched a new subsidiary company—Carolina Pure Spaces, a proprietary sanitizing service for commercial facilities. Pure Spaces efficiently sanitizes environments using an electrostatic sprayer and electrolyzed water, a non-toxic solution that is 100 times stronger than bleach. For more information, visit the Pure Spaces website here.

Looking Into The Future

Thanks to our dedicated customer, vendor and supplier relationships, RGA has grown exponentially. We continue to develop new products and services, explore new sales channels, invest in new internal and external technologies, and expand into new geographic areas to better serve both existing and future customers. Staying true to one of RGA’s core values, Forward Thinking, we are always looking toward what’s next. Management continues to plan for double digit growth and find creative ways to meet the increasingly complex manufacturing and distribution needs of customers. Our team is optimistic, excited and energized about the future and remains steadfastly focused on delivering on the promise of our mission—Manufacturing solutions to protect and grow your brand.

About RGA

Simply put, RGA Enterprises is a privately-held, contract manufacturer of liquid cleaning and disinfectant products, headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Over time, we’ve developed a wide array of packaging options, and become efficient at shipping logistics.

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