The RGA Way defines our Purpose and Core Values which are the foundation of our culture. It describes the way we conduct business, interact with one another, and ultimately achieve customer satisfaction.

RGA’s Purpose: To create manufacturing solutions for brand owners while helping protect and grow their most valuable asset – their brand.

While doing this we also:

  • Reduce supply chain complexity
  • Take the headache out of co-manufacturing
  • Allow our customers to spend less time worrying about supply, and more time developing their brand

Do the right thing

This is simple. There is never a right time to do the wrong thing or a wrong time to do the right thing. We all know the difference between right and wrong. If faced with an ethical issue, always do the right thing.

Do everything to the best of your ability

Anything worth doing is worth doing well. If you are going to take time to complete a task, do it as best as you can. It’s the little things that separate the good from the great. Never do “just enough.” Take time to go the extra mile in your job, tie up loose ends, follow up, look for ways you can make improvements in your job, keep your commitments. The list goes on . . .

Be someone you would want to work with

“Like-ability” goes a long way. It doesn’t take much to be a good coworker. Take a minute to smile and say hello! Be respectful to everyone. People tend to find their work more fulfilling and meaningful if their work environment is positive. We all play a major part in making this happen.

Focus on the customer

The customer’s satisfaction should lie at the heart of all that we do. If something doesn’t improve the customer experience, is it really worth doing? By always asking yourself, “How does this help our customer?” you align your work to our customers’ needs which has a profound impact on the organization’s effectiveness in carrying out our purpose. Any company has to be careful not to become so internally focused that it loses sight of who it is there to serve – the customer.

Commit to excellence in everything we do

If we are to succeed, we must offer value greater than that of our competitors. We can do that by excelling in areas where they do not. By committing to excellence, we not only commit to finding a solution, we commit to finding the BEST solution. Excellence doesn’t begin and end with customer interaction. It starts when we get up and come to work in the morning. Are we carrying out our responsibilities with accuracy and precision? Do our systems, policies, and procedures ensure our processes are repeatable, scalable, and efficient? By doing things right across all levels and all departments we commit to excellence.

Forward thinking

Every day technology is advancing, our customers’ demands are increasing, and our competition is getting smarter. We must always be thinking, “Is the way I am doing my job today going to work in the near, mid, and distant future?” In other words, consider the future when solving today’s problems.

Like a rowing team achieves maximum efficiency when all team members are rowing in unison, so does RGA when all employees understand our Purpose and demonstrate our Core Values. The RGA Way is designed to maximize RGA’s greatest asset . . . its people!

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What Makes RGA Unique?


Since 1977, RGA Enterprises, Inc. has remained a contract manufacturing leader of liquid cleaning products providing industry services to Fortune 500 companies across the U.S.

RGA’s Purpose: To create manufacturing solutions for brand owners while helping protect and grow their most valuable asset – their brand.

Throughout its 40 year history, RGA has proven to be the partner of choice for brand owners and retailers across North America. Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, RGA prides itself on stellar service, high-quality products, and affordable rates. In December 2017, RGA expanded its footprint adding over 50,000 sq ft of manufacturing and warehousing capacity in Blue Springs, Missouri. With a proven track record of value and innovation, RGA has positioned itself as a premier partner in the contract manufacturing industry.

RGA grows its business by nurturing genuine, mutually beneficial, employee, customer and vendor relationships.

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Custom Formulations

RGA's in-house laboratory innovates custom formulas ranging from value formulas to national brand equivalents while maintaining compliance with store brand requirements, rigorously tested in-house or by an independent, privately-owned, nationally recognized 3rd party lab.

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Private Labeling

RGA offers an extensive line of ready-to-use cleaning solutions. Select from a wide array of formulas or develop your own.

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Product Development

RGA's industry knowledge and experience, stock and in-house formulas, along with 600+ stock bottle options yields a line of high quality private label products that meet customer’s demands in very attractive packaging with competitive pricing.

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Strategically located in Charlotte, N.C. and Blue Springs, M.O., RGA efficiently manages your supply chain , decreases transportation costs, and increases speed to shelf.

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Secondary Packaging

RGA is currently expanding its capabilities beyond liquid filling to include custom secondary packaging offerings such as steam tunnel shrink sleeve application, kitting, and custom displays.


Numbers speak for themselves​


Years of Experience




Proprietary Bottle Molds

Superior Quality Products. 100% Satisfaction.


Meeting customers’ needs with innovation and flexibility is the cornerstone of RGA's operations. Our team interfaces closely with customers starting with initial contact, identification and agreement on product requirements, business arrangements, confirmation of orders received, manufacturing of products, on time delivery and tracking the product through retail sale.

Each product is continuously tested by our in-house laboratory and also tested by an independent, privately-owned, and nationally recognized 3rd party lab.


RGA provides state-of-the-art process controls through standard operating procedures, product specific standards manuals, departmental procedures, external monitoring, third party testing and site auditing.

RGA's documentation systems provide quick incorporation of customer specific requirements through all aspects of the manufacturing process. We encourage our customers to visit our manufacturing facility to see first hand how our systems work.
Our standardized interactive documentation allows us to build-in, rather than inspect-in, product quality; providing higher productivity and multiple quality control audit points during the manufacturing cycle.


RGA Enterprises, Inc. delivers the highest quality contract manufacturing services in North America by creating a seamless experience through our customers, employees, and supplier partnerships.


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